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AboutAbel Tamata

Succeeding as a child of an asylum seeker and a schizophrenic artist

Abel Tamata (Bergen op Zoom, ’90), is a former professional football player from PSV, Roda JC and FC Groningen and nowadays artist manager of, among others, Ali B; this is someone who gives you positive energy and inspiration for your future. Only 29 years old, but already lived a lifetime.

As a child of a Congolese asylum seeker and a Dutch artist, who overcame her schizophrenia, Abel discovered at a young age how he could achieve more and get more fun (and success) out of life.
Playing football was always hard work for him, but by giving “smart passes” and “different types of passes” than his peers, he got (and used) opportunities that others do not see for themselves.

As a result, Abel made his debut at PSV at the age of 20, where he won the national title and KNVB cup. In total he has played over 100 official matches in the Dutch leagues and the Europa League. And an international match for the National team of Congo. At the age of 26, Abel unexpectedly decided to make a career switch and to focus on a social career as a manager and motivational speaker. In 2018 he completed his Masters in Sports Management at the Johan Cruyff Institute in Amsterdam whilst he was working for Sportbedrijf Amstelveen. After obtaining his diploma, Tamata was hired at SPEC Management, where he now coordinates the work of artists such as Ali B, Boef and Ronnie Flex.

He shares the knowledge and experiences gained from his remarkable youth, top football and the management of top artists through motivational speeches for secondary education, higher education, the business community and youth organizations. The emphasis in his speeches is on “realization”. Our “realization” of the opportunities we have as individuals in our immediate environment. And “realizing” / achieving the goals we set.


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1328 MA, Almere

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